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Hey Girls!

Thanks for jumping on board and checking out our program and seeing if it’s a good fit for you whilst travelling on the WQS tour!

Our program was designed to provide a home away from home for you girls where you can stay that’s safe, free and clean while competing on the WQS. As you know most surfers on the WQS tour are currently self-fund all their outgoing expenses including accommodation. At the time of WQS events, it can often be limited and expensive. Some travel alone and have few if any acquaintances at the event locations.

A few things about the program:

  • The Program is free, and the accommodation is free and safe. HAS processes all the applications and the security checks
  • All persons in the Host family over the age of 18 have to provide as part of their application a working with children check and current police check
  • We have asked families to live within around 10km to the event
  • We ask the room to be private and your own
  • HAS has its own insurances
  • For Surfest Newcastle we have a local doctors surgery available to the surfers should they become ill or injured that they have priority service at.
  • We have a critical care/incident number available 24 hours during the event for both host families and surfers
  • Can you share a room with a friend? Yes, you can choose to double up with a friend, family member or partner in your application. If you’re travelling with a fellow surfer or family member there may be an option to share a room where someone has an airbed – This would be between you and the friend/family to decides on who takes which bedding. 
  • Do they feed us?? Yes! On the host family application, the host family can choose to either  

 – Be a part of my tribe and I’ll feed you along with the other hungry folk that live in the household.

 – We are unable to commit to providing meals, but please prepare what meals you want with food provided.

  • How do we get to the event? Host families are asked to choose one of the following:

 – We can provide transport most of the time, to and from the competition venue.

 – We all get to work/ school in the morning but happy to drop you before 8 and pick you up after 5.

 – You’re on your own! Please come and stay but, we cannot commit to providing any transport for you.

 – In the instance you cannot get to and from the host family to the event HAS can offer some assistance in transport via our sponsored vehicle


Some fun things about using our program!

  • Staying in a home like environment offers you guys the support you need when your away from home. You’re in a family environment, you have home cooked meals and somewhere safe and warm to spend the nights with a caring family and there is always a chance for a hug from a mum if you ever need one!
  • The kids are stoked to have you there, they are inspired by you! You can share your passion of surfing with them, through spending time just talking to them about surfing and your experience how you started, friendships made, this will inspire them and encourage them dream big.
  • You have the opportunity to tell them about other hobby’s you have, if you play soccer, or paint, sing these are some things you can do with the kids in some down time if you want. The kids will be happy to spend any time with you and be inspired to hang out with you, and you can show them they can make anything possible if they try hard enough
  • You guys get to come to our Breaky event – Held prior to the event commencing. The breaky has all host families, surfers, sponsors and some of the WCT surfers in attendance! Kids all receive a TShirt from the program they can wear to the breaky, where they will meet other surfers and can have their shirts signed – How cool for you to introduce your family to other surfers and get the kids to get their shirts signed
  • Know that you guys might inspire one child who goes on to try surfing one thing new that they wouldn’t have before all because they got to meet you and have you spent a week in their home – They believe in themselves that they can make anything possible. 


The program officially launches at Surfest 2020 – This is the first one for the program and whilst we anticipate everything to run smoothly, like all new programs we may have some teething problems. BUT we are here to help you girls reach your dreams and provide a free, safe home like environment for you whilst you are travelling, so ride the wave with us it will be worth it!


The Host a Surfer Team!