Host Family Registration Requirements:

  • Working With Children Check (WWCC)

    A WWCC can be obtained by following the steps outlined on the Office of Children’s Guardian Website This check is free for Volunteers.
  • A Current Police Check

    A Current Volunteer Police check can be obtained by following the steps outlined on . This police check needs to be current from 1.1.19.
  • Certified Photo ID x 2

    e.g, a current drivers licence, passport.
  • One application form per family (with one primary applicant)
  • Read and accept of HAS Terms & conditions/Code of Conduct/ Privacy Policy
  • All persons over the age of 18 in the home MUST provide a WWCC and a current police check

HAS Surfer and Co Responsibilities

  • Read and accept of HAS Terms & conditions/Code of Conduct/Privacy Policy
  • Participation in Surfer Breakfast
  • Participation in home mentoring with children

HAS Host Family Responsibilities

A few things to consider;

Young girls living with you while competing in the local QS competition. The idea is you have the energy and commitment to become involved in the competition while your young surfer is competing. Maximum time is 7 nights. We encourage hosts that live within approx. 10 km radius of the competition area to apply.

HAS Host Application Form


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Upload Files:
  • WWCC
  • Police check (date of issue within 12 months of issue date)
  • Certified ID
Working With Children Check - Person 1
Working With Children Check - Person 2
Police Check - Person 1
Police Check - Person 2
Certified ID - Person 1
Certified ID - Person 2

Household Details

Other household members/ relationship:
Some surfers like to travel with family or to pair up with another competitor. We have noted some of these combination below. Please indicate below what your family’s preference would be:
Room Configuration. Air beds can be added to the room in addition to what is already there.
Bathroom Details