Host Families -

Being a host family is pretty cool so thanks for even thinking about it!

 There are a few things to consider before signing up to be a host family and more info is available on all of this (Sign up on our home page for this!), but the short and sweet of some if it includes:

  • All persons over the age of 18 in the home have to complete & provide HAS (Host a Surfer) program with a WWC (working with children) check and WWC number
  • All persons over the age of 18 in the home have to provide HAS with cleared police check with an issue date from 1.1.19 – This can be a voluntary check and or a paid check, however it is supplied by the applicants
  • A room for the girl/s is private and their own – Some surfers may choose to double up and share a room and have a bed and also an airbed in the room if it fits. We are super flexible and if you are happy to have two girls there and have a bed and airbed, the girls are always happy to share with a friend as they often share when on tour
  • We ask that families live within around 10km to the event making easy for surfer to get to and from the event
  • We will ask for school details for the kids in the home, as we will do a reference check with the principal
  • Our in home mentoring program is a HUGE part of our program so we encourage families with kids to apply as host families – The QS girls are expecting kids to be involved and part of the host families, it’s their give back for the family opening their home to them
  • Safety is paramount for the WQS girls and also yourself and families, all security checks are done with the objective of a safe environment for everyone

Some fun things about the program:

  • Being a host family you have the opportunity to have an elite athlete in your home, pretty cool and what other sport offers this opportunity!
  • Your kids can learn from them that through hard work and dedication they too can make anything possible
  • Kids learn the lifestyle of elite athletes, training schedules, heath & mental wellbeing, a snippet of what it takes to make it to that level
  • Encourages your kids to try a new sport in surfing if they have not before!
  • You guys get to come to our Breaky event – Held prior to the event commencing. The breaky has all host families, surfers, sponsors and some of the WCT surfers in attendance! Kids all receive a TShirt from the program they can wear to the breaky, where they will meet other surfers and can have their shirts signed
  • Build new friendship with their surfers and continue those friendships through social media platforms after the event has finished
  • Be part of the community and feel good for helping someone else reach their dream by providing a home like environment for them whilst they are away from their home and family


    The program officially launches at Surfest 2020 – This is the first one for the program and whilst we anticipate everything to run smoothly, like all new programs we may have some teething problems. BUT we are here to help the girls reach their dreams and provide a free, safe home like environments for them whilst they are travelling, and to create in home mentoring opportunities for our children – so ride the wave with us it will be worth it!


    The Host a Surfer Team!